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About References 
Although it is no longer customary to put “References available upon request” on a resume, a well prepared candidate will have a list of references available to provide to an interviewer. 

There are pro's and con's as to whether or not to include references with your resume. The choice is yours and we can discuss them during our interview. Choose people who can speak about your work history, such as a former supervisor or co-worker; an acquaintance is also acceptable. Be sure to get their permission to be used as a reference.  Provide at least three references, but four make a nice appearance balanced in two columns on your reference page. This will make it EASY for an interviewer to check them out.

Here are examples of the information you should provide: 

Paula Taylor All-right Insurance Company 
1114 6th Ave. 
Seattle, Washington, 98101. 

Jerry Smith 
Sales Associate Mainstream Communications 
(Formerly Office Manager Abbott Communications) 
345 Roosevelt Southeast 
Seattle, Washington, 98122 

Alex Suzuki 
Production Coordinator 
Brighton Manufacturing 
2000 Broadway 
Seattle, Washington, 98129 
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