Résumés That Get Results! 


Juggling Decisions!

Below are some tried and proven tips to make your interviews go more smoothly.

Tips & Stuff

Your résumé should be presented on good quality 24 pound bond paper. It tells the reader you took the time and interest to make a good presentation and are worthy of consideration.

Always include a cover letter when sending out your résumé. Make it as personal as you can. A generic cover letter generally is a waste of time and are not very effective. We have prepared a packet of sample cover letters and job hunting tips very reasonably priced.

Take several copies of your résumé to the interview. There could be more than one person in the interview room. Giving them a copy shows you are well prepared, far-thinking and considerate. Those things alone will gain you extra points.

Use your résumé as a guide-line when talking about yourself during the interview. And when you get to the end SHUT UP! Many people have talked themselves right out of a job because they did not know when to stop talking. 

Employment agencies have information about jobs that are otherwise unknown. Get acquainted with as many of them as you can and see that all of them have several copies of your résumé. 

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