Résumés That Get Results! 


Self-Motivation is a key element!

Frequently Asked Questions:
· Q. Why do employers want a résumé?
· A. A résumé gives employers a quick look at applicants. This enables the employer to set up a pool of most qualified candidates without going through dozens or even hundreds of appointments and interviews. It saves time both for the employer and the applicant.
· Q. What are some reasons my résumé does not work for me?
· A. Human Resources personnel look for reasons to throw out the résumé. If your résumé contains misspelled words, typos, poor punctuation, poor visual layout, or improper grammar you will probably not be called for an interview.
· Q. I've heard the résumé should not exceed one page.
· A. The résumé should include information you want the reader to learn about you. Restricting it to one page could leave out some essential data that could help you land the interview. However, it should be factual and to the point, not ramble or be redundant.
· Q. What format or technique do you use?
· A. There is no "one size fits all" résumé format. Each résumé we do is unique and individually created. We substitute a "strong opening statement" instead of "objectives". Next we study the applicants strengths, then organize and list them with bullet points so the readers reaction will be "WOW, we need to call this person in for a job interview".
· Q. Do we include hobbies or other interests, church affiliations, marital status, children, etc?
· A. Never put this information on your résumé. Not only is it illegal to ask these questions, but the interviewer might be biased and your résumé will end up in the waste basket.
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